Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nike ID & Apple Update

I just got back from my first run with the NikeID (follow this link to see my latest run) iPod. I needed a reason to get off my couch and go for a run and the NikeID did the trick. It has been over a month since my last long run, so I was a little rusty.

Apple teamed up with Nike to produce the Nike ID. Let me take you through the process. First, you put the sensor in your shoe. You can use the Nike ID shoes that already have a slot for the sensor or you can cut a slot into any running shoes. Then you connect the adaptor to your iPod. That is about it, you are ready to go running. I ran only 2 miles at a snails pace of about 10 minutes a mile. The fun comes when you get home and get in front of a computer. After I stopped panting and chugging water I synced my iPod to my mac. It prompted me to go to the nike website and set up a profile. The site is really user friendly and shows your data in a pretty cool format. You can set goals and challenge your friends to competition.

So while I was out running I started thinking about apple and the recent downturn. What has changed in the past few months to substantiate such a downturn? The answer is simple, nothing! The management is still the same, the growth potential is still bright, and the product line is still elite. I am going to sit on my position, until I see a reason to sell (or it hits 200 bucks a share again). Tax day is almost here so I will be back up and blogging shortly. Sorry for the delay in posts.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

S**t Happens

Sorry for the lack of posts. Work and wine have gotten in the way. I will get back in the grove soon. This article is hilarious! check it out...

Thanks to Skeeter for the link.