Monday, June 11, 2007


The most anticipated finale since Seinfeld, left viewers asking questions and wanting more. This was not the blowup finale that many had predicted, but rather a recap on our favorite mob family. It was still a great ending to one of my all time favorite TV shows. Tony is still alive (as far as we know) and out of prison. AJ finally started looking like he was coming out of his depression (a BMW and model girlfriend will usually do that). In a quintessential Sopranos mob hit Phil Leotardo was shot in back of the head which will put an end to many of Tony’s problems. So, as a tribute to one of the finest television shows ever, I will take a look at Time Warner Inc. (TWX)

Here is a brief synopsis of Time Warner, Inc. according to there web site:

"Time Warner Inc. is a leading media and entertainment company, whose businesses include interactive services, cable systems, filmed entertainment, television networks and publishing.
Whether measured by quality, popularity or financial results, our divisions are at the top of their categories. AOL, Time Inc., Time Warner Cable, Home Box Office, New Line Cinema, Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros. Entertainment maintain unrivaled reputations for creativity and excellence as they keep people informed, entertained and connected.
Our enterprise is more than a collection of great brands that are owned under one roof. Time Warner’s businesses strive to gain competitive advantage from opportunities for constructive collaboration."

Time Warner is still going to be making a pretty penny off the Sopranos for quite a while. With future DVD sales and syndication to A&E Sopranos is going to be a cash cow for the foreseeable future.

TWX is a pretty strong stock with a p/e just over 13 and a market cap of 78 billion. This is a great large cap play that has plenty of long term growth potential. TWX is currently trading around $21.
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