Friday, May 23, 2008

Belgium Bud?

Anheuser Busch is up 8% today on news that InBev, a Belgium brewery, is in talks to purchase Busch for a reported $46 billion. A 9 dollar premium for shareholders who were holding the stock before the news was leaked. One report says that InBev would be willing to pay as much as $67 a share for BUD.

A struggling economy paired with rising commodity costs in a mature market has slowed sales growth for BUD recently. Buyouts and consolidations have been popular over the past few years among breweries. SAB and Miller, Molson and Coors, and Carlsberg/Heineken and Newcastle have all made deals in the past few years.

A weak dollar will likely encourage more foreign buyouts of US companies over the next year, but who is next?

Here are some of the best Bud Light commercials ever...