Monday, June 2, 2008

Google Vs. Yahoo!

Yahoo! has been the standard finance search for as long as I can remember, but a lack of innovation has allowed Google to take over as the top financial site in my opinion. The Google/Yahoo competition is extensive to say the least. They are in direct competition in basically every category and Yahoo has been loosing ground to Google exponentially.

Here are the top 5 reasons I use Google Finance over Yahoo Finance...

1. No Ads... Google Finance is laid out very clean and clear with no ads. Yahoo Finance is covered with a ridicules number of ads, many of which will pop up or slide into your view causing vigorous cursing and yelling.
2. Clean and easy to use charts... Google Finance has great easy to use charts. You do not have to open a separate page to analyze the chart. Take AAPL for example. When you pull up the AAPL page you get the financials across the top with a basic 3 day chart. Simply drag the chart to expand or pick the timeline you wish to view. It works great, try it...
3. Everything is on one page... The financials, blog posts, news, related companies, financials, discussions, events, key stats & ratios, officers & directors, and a brief summary. Very convenient and very clean.
4. News linked charts... This is relatively new to financial sites and is one of my favorite innovations. This makes it very easy to understand the dips and jumps in a stock. Google has it, Yahoo does not.
5. Outside links... Google is the first to admit they can not do it all, so they link to Reuters and Yahoo Finance.