Friday, June 20, 2008

Market Talk

The markets are collapsing, yet people seem upbeat. I try to discuss economics with just abut everyone I meet. Trying to get a grasp on where we are headed and where we have been. Surprisingly the majority of people I speak to seam optimistic about the economic future of our country. We all know the markets are finicky and everything is cyclical, but we are not playing with monopoly money. I guess a loss is not technically a loss until you sell, but seeing huge unrealized losses in your brokerage account will make even the most experienced investor nervous. I am staying long in my portfolio and am going to try and ride this wave out, but it is very tempting to jump ship when the markets are steadily heading south.

The good news is the markets are closed for a couple of days! So relax and have a drink, we could all use one. Hopefully the markets will turn positive again on Monday.