Friday, August 1, 2008

The Body of Business

A coworker told me the other day that she thought accounting was the skeleton of all business. If you had a firm understanding of accounting principals and methods that you could be successful in almost all aspect of business. This theory got me to thinking, what role would sales, marketing, advertising, finance, HR, IT, and customer service play in this analogy.

Direct costumer interaction would have to be the bodies skin. This would include sales, marketing, advertising, and customer service. This is the businesses first impression to potential clients or customers. Not really the personality of the business, but the appearance. The packaging and advertising is outwardly visible and is potentially a deal breaker a lot of the time.

The blood of the body would have to be the IT, HR, and customer service. These operations keep the business functioning with staff and systems that work.

The brain of the business would be the management who hopefully has a vision for the company and the plan to turn the vision into reality.

I clearly have not fully thought this out, but you can see where I am going. If one aspect of the body fails to meet expectations the whole body will suffer. Think about it.