Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chrysler Electric Options

Chrysler plans on introducing their first electric auto in 2010. The concept cars look pretty sweet, but they always look much cooler in concept. The Zeo posts 250 miles per charge with a 0-60 in less than 6 seconds. Here is a detailed description on each model from MSN.

Chrysler ecoVoyager

The elliptically shaped ecoVoyager features a panoramic glass roof with a center spine, short body overhangs and a boat-tail back end.

Doors open up to 90 degrees and the rear doors are hinged at the rear with no B-pillar for easy access.

Four individual chairs are contoured and a recessed area in the headliner between the two skylights contains the “Direct Sound” function that directs the music choice to each individual without the need for headphones.

This concept has an electric motor that develops 200 kilowatts (268 horsepower) with a 40-mile, 16 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery module. Driving range can be extended to 300 miles when coupled with the advanced hydrogen fuel-cell range extender.

To assist in charging the battery, a regenerative braking system captures energy that would normally be lost and returns it to the battery. The entire propulsion system is located below the ecoVoyager’s floor to maximize interior space.

Jeep Renegade

The Renegade is designed to go just about anywhere and it can do it for a long time.

The battery pack provides a 40 mile range and a 1.5-liter three-cylinder BLUETEC diesel engine acts as a range extender for a total range of 400 miles. Lightweight aluminum and regenerative braking help improve overall efficiency.

The propulsion system features dual electric 200-kilowatt (268 horsepower) motors, one for each axle for true off-road capability complete with low range and locking differentials.

Aggressively styled with oversized wheels and tires, the Renegade is decked out with rubber-clad headlights and taillights for a rugged look. In Detroit, the concept was equipped with a lid to store two water scooters for scuba divers.

Inside, the Renegade has one-piece molded, soy-based foam seats and doors, a one-piece co-molded instrument panel with a urethane skin and an aluminum/silicone steering wheel.

Dodge ZEO

Named for Zero Emissions Operation, the Dodge ZEO is a four-passenger, all-electric 2+2 sport wagon.

Riding on a rear-wheel-drive platform, the ZEO is powered by a 200-kilowatt (268 horsepower) single-electric motor combined with a 64 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that has of a range of at least 250 miles. Chrysler claims zero to 60 mph acceleration in less than 6 seconds.

The windshield glass continues nearly to the rear of the car and all four doors are “scissor” doors with the rear doors pivoting at the rear. The crosshair Dodge grille is lit with LED lights.

The interior is blended into a whole by a broad, sloping, fabric-wrapped surface in front of the driver that curves into the door and around the back panel to the other side with strips of LED accent lighting adding to the effect.

A slim center console slopes down from the windshield of the Dodge ZEO, creating a dual-cockpit effect, and the steering wheel, column and instruments are treated as a single freestanding design element.