Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recession Proof Stocks - Tech

The market is in shambles, financials are crumbling, and everyone is calling for Armageddon. So where do you put your money? I think tech is a great alternative for nervous investors and you can get a steal if you know where to look. Here are my top five tech stocks that look safe in this stumbling economy and have great upside.

1. Adobe (ADBE) - I have been long this stock for a very long time and believe it has a ton of potential. They have some of the best software products on the market. They have successfully cornered markets in consumer and industry. Great buy below $35!

2. Apple (AAPL) - Do I really have to explain this one?

3. Texas Instruments (TXN) - One of my all time favorite stocks that is super cheap right now. I have never lost money trading TXN and don't plan on starting now. TXN is trading slightly above it's 53 week high and is ready to head back north.

4. McAfee (MFE) - As long as people keep buying PC's MFE will continue to make money.

5. Electronic Arts Inc. (ERTS) - I don't play video games very much, but come on they make Madden. I have been following ERTS for a while and believe it has a bit more of a downside, but I think this is a great long term buy.