Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Pittsburgh is favored by 7 points (one pollster says 6 1/2) to win the Super Bowl over Arizona. I was surprised to hear the spread was so large as Arizona is rolling into this game after an impressive win over Philadelphia. I am not a big fan of either team (I am a Cowboys fan), but I will watch both the game and the commercials. Tampa will host the big game with Jennifer Hudson singing the national anthem and Bruce Springsteen performing the halftime show. I am not really excited about either of these performances or the game for that matter, so lets look and see if any of the advertising will impact the market.

With 30 seconds going for $3 million bucks many companies will be looking for the most bang for their buck. A successful commercial should follow these three simple steps.

1. Be Memorable - If you are going to drop $3 million on a commercial make sure people remember you. In a year I probably wont remember who won the Super Bowl, but I will remember that e-trade baby that spit up.

2. Be Funny - Monday morning everyone is talking about the funniest commercial, not the most informative. Keep it light, funny, creative and unpredictable.

2. Keep it Simple - Spectators are not going to write down your 1-800 number or website. Don't try and squeeze in to much information into 30 seconds. In a beer induced haze nobody will remember your message so keep it light and follow number 2.

Last year these companies had the most successful commercials (according to USA Today) so watch for movements on Monday.

1. Budweiser (N/A)
2. Fed Ex (FDX)
3. Bridgestone (BRDCY)
4. Doritos (PEP)
5. Bud Light (N/A)
6. Bud Light (N/A)
7. Coca-Cola (KO)
8. Diet Pepsi Max (PEP)
9. Planters (KFT)
10. Tide (PG)