Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apple iPhone 5/16/2007

Apples new iPhone may be the most anticipated phone to hit the market ever! I can hardly wait myself for the iPhone to hit the market. I know many people who are waiting to upgrade their phones because they want an iPhone, and I am one of those people. Why spend $250 on an iPod and another $300 on a PDA phone when you can have them both in one device for $499? Many people are turned off by the high price of the iPhone, $499 for the base model (4gig) and $599 for the big brother (5gig), but for all the features the iPhone has how can you go wrong? Now that everyone is sold on what a huge success the iPhone is going to be, what is the stock play for this new device? Apple (aapl) is the obvious play with all the success of the iPod, but AT&T (T) may be the best play for the iPhone. AT&T has the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone for at least a short period of time. T is currently hovering around $40 bucks a share with a p/e ratio of 20 and a 3.6% yield. Place your bet and see what happens..

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