Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Surprisingly Canon (CAJ) is one of the leaders in producing environmentally friendly products. Being an environmentally friendly company has become very vogue on Wall Street. With the presidential election warming up and environmental issues being a huge concern it appears that Canon is ahead of the game. Investors are going to become more aware of green companies and this could be a huge plus for Canon.

Canon produces cameras, personal printers, business printers, scanners and other printing and photography equipment. Canon’s top competitors in the photography industry are Nikon, Sony, Minolta, HP, and Kodak, all of whom have a growing line of digital cameras. The competition in the digital camera industry is growing daily, but Canon has been able to find a niche with Digital SLR cameras and lenses.

CAJ is trading around $57 with a p/e ratio roughly 19. Canon has a forward p/e of 15 which makes it looks like a bargain at $57. This is a great large cap stock to hold in your portfolio for the long term. CAJ has annual revenues of over 35 billion with quarterly earnings growth over 21%. With very small short holdings the risk in CAJ appears minimal. Click here for statistics.
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