Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bo Knows Stocks (NKE)

What do Michael Jordan, Labron James, Tiger Woods, Bo Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Lance Armstrong all have in common? Nike (NKE). Nike has been able to stay hip through decades. As a kid growing up, I remember having a six foot long horizontal poster of Michael Jordan palming two basketballs in my bedroom. Nike is responsible for making some of our favorite players larger than life. Nike is well represented in just about every sport including football, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, baseball, hockey, cycling, and soccer. Recently Nike has begun to produce skateboarding shoes in hopes of getting into the alternative sports segment. If your heart is pounding usually you are wearing some sort of Nike product.

Today’s Nikes are much different than the old Nike Airs of the 1980’s. Technology has played a large role in the Nike revolution. Today you can go online and get a pair of Nikes in two different sizes, for that goofy longer left foot, and customize every color including the swoosh. You can even get your name stitched on your right toe if you so desire. Check it out here. Nike has also teamed up with Apple so you can now get a transmitter that will attach to your customized Nikes and talk to your iPod. This transmitter will tell you everything about your run including your distance and average mile speed.

If you are still reading this and not on the Nike web site making an awesome pair of gold shocks than you must be ready to talk about the stock. Nike has been on an upward trend all year and recently hit an all time high of $55. NKE has a respectable p/e ratio of 20 and an impressive profit margin of nearly 9%. Good analysis here. What else is there to say besides Just do it!

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