Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adios Analog!

Best Buy (BBY) announced yesterday that they are no longer going to be carrying analog TV’s. This could not make me happier. More stations need to convert to HD, pronto. I recently bought a 40’ LCD that I love, but I only get a handful of channels in HD. The sports are amazing especially golf and football, but I need everything in HD. Once you go HD you will never want to watch regular TV again. I have blogged about Texas Instruments DLP technology before. This is a great trend to follow. Check out Mark Cuban's blog here (yes, Dancing With The Stars Cuban). He owns HDNet that has some pretty great programming and he gets into more specifics on his blog.

Best Buy is a great stock that still has some growth potential. According to business week “more than 60 million U.S. households currently rely on an antennas or analog cable.” This is a huge market that is just beginning to be tapped.

Thanks to Keith for the link.

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