Tuesday, October 2, 2007


"Don't taser me bro!" The line made famous by the UF student, Andrew Meyer, tasered at a John Kerry Forum. Watching the video is a bit disturbing when you realized they had him handcuffed when they tasered him.

This recent tasering has brought the use of nonlethal weapons to the forefront and since this in a stock blog and not a political platform I will take a quick look at TASR. Taser International, Inc. produces tasers and other nonlethal devices for law enforcement, military, correctional facilities, and Americans looking to fry someone. Taser recently released three new products one of which you can shout from a 12gauge shotgun (picture above).

The stock has been on a run recently gaining another 4% today. Currently trading around $17 TASR looks prime to go higher.

The UF situation is unfortunately not an isolated incident. TASR has had many lawsuits filed against them for producing the weapons most of which have been dismised. If you live under a rock here is the video from UF.

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